JR's Shop is family owned and operated. Virgil A Bushman Jr. (Father) and Larry Bushman (Son) currently own and operate the business. They provide a unique combination of experience and skills that provides quality service to our customers. Many people have asked about the name of the business and location. That can be summed up in one word. Heritage.

In the 1950's Virgil A Bushman built the building that JR's Shop is located to provide a repair shop for tractors and other farm equipment which was used to operate the Bushman and Bushman farm. Prior to operating the farm, Virgil was enlisted in the Army as an airplane mechanic and learned skills which helped him perform mechanical work on farm equipment. Virgil was known for being a hard working honest man. His son, Virgil A Bushman Jr. had a strong desire to pursue the automotive industry and attended then called Lincoln Tech trade school and worked for about 20 years at Morris Garage located in Holbrook, AZ. Virgil Jr. then worked over 20 years at GSA and also started and ran JR's (pronounced J.R.'s) Shop part time. 

Larry Bushman also pursued a career in automotive. He obtained an AAS degree in Automotive Technology from Eastern Arizona College and is ASE master certified. In Sept. 2014 JR's Shop officially opened up full time, thanks to the many great customers through the years. 

Here at JR's Shop we honor the heritage that was established before us and strive to honor and uphold high standards.